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Social Responsibility


Collective social responsibility (CSR) programs are initiatives that the group under takes to integrate social and environmental concerns into education with the student community involvement as one of the focal areas of these programs and school as one of the stakeholders because school is a community constituent through which various human resources are channelled.

As the hottest topic on the academic block, the integration of CSR in the curriculum of our schools have been present for a long time .The program allows students to work on solving environmental and sustainability problems with a focus on bio-design innovation and extreme affordability.

We don’t just plant- but create a wide socio-environmental impact. Together we embark upon a journey which starts with planting trees, becomes visible as they grow taller and also touch many hearts as their roots get deeper into the ground.

Therefore it does not remain a mere tree plantation exercise but becomes a wide spread program bringing lives to the planet in the form of greenery, addressing various social objectives, establishing a cohesive bond among thestudents.

As part of our effort in giving back to society, our Collective Social Responsibly (CSR) program extends support to the Friend In Need society (FINS) ,Chennai .

This home for the elderly is an outreach project for thegroup who reaches out to the elderly with love and respect.The group is actively involved in providing a healthy and respectable standard of living and helping with their emotional and physical challenges.

We are very happy to note that our students are both encouraging and supportive of this initiative which will allow us to greatly increase our outreach to the elderly in future.

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